Tony Pinto “Artist Seen” Limited-Edition Screenprint


This limited-edition, one-color serigraph was made in conjunction with Tony Pinto’s solo art exhibition and residency at Shoebox Projects in Los Angeles. This print features sketches by Tony of 49 Southern California artists, all based on photos also taken by Tony.

The print is on acid free paper with archival ink, 18″ wide by 24″ tall, signed and numbered edition of 73. Fits in a standard 18″ x 24″ frame.




Artists featured on this print:

Ada Pullini Brown, Anise Stevens, Anna Stump, Art Weeks, Barbara Fritsche, Chenhung Chen, Coleen Sterritt
Corrie Gregory, Craig Skibs Barker, David Lloyd, Dawn Arrowsmith, Ed Moses, Emily Elisa Halpern, Eric Johnson
Erika Lizée, Francisco Alvarado, Gary Brewer, Gregorio Escalante, Jan Taylor, Jillith Moniz, Joel Robert-Elton Woodward
Jorin Bossen, Justin Bower, Kate Stern, Katherine Metz, Katie Shanks, Katie Stubblefield, Kelly Berg
Larry Bell, Leah Shane Dixon, Lisa Adams, Lori Pond, Maja Ruznic, Marlene Catherine Picard, Mat Gleason
Mike Vegas Dommermuth, Ned Evans, Roland Reiss, Samantha Fields, Sharon Suhovy, Sheli Silverio, Sonja Schenk
Stevie Love, Stuart Kusher, Susan Feldman Tucker, Terry Arena, Valerie Wilcox, William Wray, Wini Brewer

Additional information

Dimensions 18 x 24 in